About us

Medical Reviews International (MedRev) is a global provider of high quality independent medical reviews and associated claims management services. We help client companies to improve care quality, reduce claims costs and decrease overutilisation/ overuse of medical services.

We have the largest international network of medical specialists in all areas of medicine who provide recommendations based on international standards of care and evidence-based medicine as well as local practice patterns of individual markets.

Our guiding principle is “Optimising Healthcare Outcome – One Review at a Time”. We leverage our extensive reviewer network, internal clinical expertise and operational quality assurance processes to provide our clients with clinical recommendations, improved patient outcomes and optimisation of claims costs.

We are a team of experienced healthcare and business executives with extensive knowledge of international clinical practice patterns and regulations. By having key team members and reviewers located in various international locations, we service our clients efficiently and timely in all time zones and locations.

What we offer

Healthcare organisations face increasing levels of medical claim complexity, volumes and costs, driven primarily by overutilization or overuse of medical services.

MedRev has the expertise, experience and methodology needed to help our clients manage their claim costs, avoid insurance premiums increase and improve healthcare outcome to patients.

We offer a range of customized medical review services that help healthcare organisations improve standards of care and utilize evidence-based medicine in managing medical claims.

Some of our customised medical review services include the following:

  • Utilisation Reviews
  • Focused Clinical Audits
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Disability / Accident Reviews
  • Medical Director Services

Our unique value proposition of improving healthcare provisioning consists of the following integral components:

  • Highest Quality Standards: Assuring high quality of our reviews is of paramount importance to our team and is an integral part of our guiding principle.
  • State of the Art Online Portal: Advanced proprietary online solution for claims management and analytics in a secure, customised and compliant manner. Our innovative technology adheres to the strictest security and privacy regulations and allows customization to meet our client’s needs, including direct integration to internal claims management systems.
  • Largest International Reviewer Network: Members of our international panel of independent physicians in all areas of medicine adhere to the strictest quality standards. Our internal processes include active and ongoing management of our reviewer panel, including recruiting, training and ongoing quality monitoring.
  • Customized Solutions: We work closely with our client’s clinical and claims management teams to tailor our fully customizable services to their unique needs and requirements.

Our Clients

Our clients are primarily healthcare providers (Insurers, Third Party Administrators) and healthcare authorities from different markets and healthcare systems, operating under a variety of regulations and in various languages.

Our services are flexible and fully customizable to meet our client’s unique needs and expectations. We pride ourselves in truly partnering with our clients to deliver our services, which includes developing innovative and bespoke solutions to meet their specific needs.

For Physicians

With an established network of international specialists and growing demand from our clients globally, we are constantly inviting new specialists to our network.
  • For specialists in all medical fields, we offer a unique opportunity to expand your professional knowledge, get exposure to the newest Evidence Based Literature and increase your income by reviewing clinical cases online with a focus on medical necessity and clinical best practice.
  • If you are interested in learning more about joining our network, please contact us to arrange an initial conversation at info@medrev.com